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  • parking is the worst its always residents with two or more cars always taking up all the parking spaces
  • My husband and I have been living at Steeples for about a year now. We like it. Our neighbors are nice and it's quiet and calm. We haven't had any issues with safety. I do wish that our building had a light that lit the parking lot. Since it's heavily wooded, the parking lot is VERY dark at night. Also, the gates have NEVER worked consistently since we've lived here. I wonder why it's still being advertised as "gated"... Anyway, we do enjoy living here and think it's a great place for everyone!
  • It is upsetting that you guys do not accept certain bread dogs, not all dogs are alike. You have plenty of lovely dogs out there. You lose customers by turning them over because of one or two people. I think I order to have certain breads they should have proper paper work stating they are good dogs. The aprtaments are very nice but upsets me because of companions I'm automatically not qualified.
  • Lucy is the best she help u and nice place to stay
  • I have spoken with Lucy Belk regarding your property...I was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of the property and what it has to offer. She is a great asset to your community!
  • From the first moment I spoke to Lucy over the phone, I immediately felt peaceful energy and compassion. She was extremely nice and very welcoming. My move to Steeple apartments, has been a transition in my life, one of high importance. I relocated and as many can imagine that move can feel scary and quite honestly very stressful. Lucy's kind words and demeanor not only allowed me to feel at ease but also gave me peace of mind knowing she did everything in her power to make the change as smooth as possible. Each and every person I met from Steeple were all very professional, warm, and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Steeple apartments to anyone looking for a good place to call home. Thank you Lucy for everything! Thank you Steeple for the home!
  • My boyfriend and I just submitted an application there, and Carlos has helped us so much along the way! I also talked to Lucy over the phone and she was very helpful as well. The complex is very clean and and the new renovations that they are doing to the units are beautiful!
  • They are very kind and extremely helpful. They go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable in your new home. The office staff is welcoming and friendly and willing to help with any questions you may have.